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Blood Donors Database

Phuket International Hospital maintains a blood database for use in emergencies and is seeking people, particularly those with Rh negative and other rare blood groups to record their details on the database.

Within Phuket, Rh negative blood is rare. For the foreign population, around 16% has Rh negative blood. For the Thai population, this falls to .3%. In an emergency where Rh negative blood is required for transfusion, there is sometimes a shortage and an urgent call through the media is needed to get people to donate. An up to date database with emergency contact details reduces the delay in getting access to urgently needed blood.

Phuket International Hospital will check your blood group for free and add your details to our database. This database is then provided to the Thailand Red Cross Blood Bank and other major hospitals in Phuket for use in emergencies.

If you already know your blood group, please add you name and contact details to the database below.