To celebrate Bangkok Hospital Siriroj’s 41st anniversary “Giving & Sharing” …

Bangkok Hospital Siriroj invites you to keep healthy with our 41st Anniversary health checkup packages. For every package bought, Bangkok Hospital Siriroj will donate 1 influenza vaccine to chidren in need.

Available for purchase from January 21 – February 28, 2023.

Bangkok Hospital Siriroj has a comprehensive range of medical specialists ready to care for every generation of your family.

Additional programs can be added after purchasing a main checkup program only.

Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
Uric Acid250500
Electrocardiogram EKG300700
Calcium Scoring2,9004,500
Digital Mammogram and Ultrasound Breast1,9004,000
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen1,9003,500


Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
Cool Sculpting 1 cycle13,00015,000
Cool Sculpting 2 cycles23,00025,000
Venus Legacy 1 Session2,5005,000
Venus Legacy 3 Sessions5,70015,000
Jetpeel & Dermashock 1 Session1,5003,500
Jetpeel & Dermashock 3 Sessions3,5108,000
Jetpeel & Dermashock 5 Sessions5,00010,000
Ultherapy 120 Shots22,90040,000
Ultherapy 400 Shots59,00080,000
Breast Augmentation – Smooth Mentor Implant90,000115,000
Breast Augmentation – Motiva Silk Surface98,000144,000
Breast Augmentation – Motiva Ergonomix 1129,900164,000
Breast Augmentation – Motiva Ergonomix 2200,000250,000
Breast Augmentation – Mentor CPG98,000159,000
Vaser Liposuction (First Position)79,00090,000
Vaser Liposuction (Next Position)35,00055,000
Mastectomy Cub A79,00095,000
Mastectomy Cub B, C119,000135,000
Mini Tummy Tuck99,900130,000
Laser Vagina Tighten and Rejuvenation49,00072,000
Meta Glow Vitamin Infusion 5 Sessions9,90017,500
Meta Glow Vitamin Infusion 1 Sessions2,8003,500
Meta Vital Vitamin Infusion 4 Sessions +1 Free6,04110,000
Meta Energy Vitamin Infusion for Executive 1 Session4,9006,550
Meta Energy Vitamin Infusion for Executive 5 Session23,90032,500
Meta Immune Booster Vitamin Infusion (1 Session)3,5004,000
Meta – Balance Male Hormonal Checkup Click Detail8,90012,404
Meta – Balance Female Hormonal Checkup Click Detail8,90015,354
Weight Management (L) Click Detail9,50012,000
Weight Management (XL) Click Detail19,00022,000
Meta Detoxify Vitamin Infusion 1 Session4,9006,500
Meta Detoxify Vitamin Infusion 5 Sessions18,90023,500
Teeth Whitening3,9008,500
Home Teeth Whitening3,9006,500
Zoom Whitening10,00013,000
Dental Exam Dental + Dental X-ray Panoramic (Over 15 years)550890

Eyes, Ear, Nose and Throat Center

Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
Pterygium Excision (Fibrin Glue)35,00052,000
Pterygium Excision29,00035,000
Testing Combined 36 Allergens3,3394,300
Cataract Screening4,5006,500

Women’s Center

Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
HPV Screening2,3003,600
Thin Prep1,5002,500
HPV Screening + Thin Prep2,5004,500
HPV Vaccine 4 Strains(3 Doses)8,50011,000
HPV Vaccine 9 Strains(3 Doses)21,00025,000
First Antenatal Care3,9008,600
Ultrasound 4D3,9004,900
Transgender Check-up Click Detail4,90013,000
Chromosomal Screening Test18,00019,000
Lady Check-up Click Detail9,90013,000

Internal Medicine Clinic

Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
Flu Vaccine (Over 15 years)590*1,500
Herpes Zoster Vaccine(Over 60 years)4,900*6,500
Pneumococcal Vaccine (PCV13)2,900*4,100
Pneumococcal Vaccine (PPSV23)1,900*2,900
DM Care Click Detail1,5904,500
Hypertension Care Click Detail2,1904,800
Chest X-Ray and EKG for NCDs5901,000
Colonoscopy with procedural sedation20,00035,000
Colonoscopy with TIVA37,00055,000

* Including doctor fee

Children’s Clinic

Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
Influenza Vaccine for kid 6 month – 15 years890*1,200
Skin Prick Test, 19 Allergens2,200*2,700
Allergy Blood Test, 36 Allergens3,800*4,200

*Excluding doctor fee

Rehabilitation Clinic

Package NamePromotion PriceNormal Price
Focus Shockwave + Hot Pack (3 Sessions)2,7006,000
PMS Therapy (3 Sessions)1,8004,500
Acupuncture / Cupping (4 Sessions)4,1006,000

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