Dr. Ivan Korytnikov

Dr. Ivan Korytnikov

Russian Coordinator

Languages: Russian, English

Dr. Ivan Korytnikov, originally from Ekaterinburg, Russia graduated as an Assistant Physician from Alapaevsk City Medical College in 2002. After graduation he furthered his education at the Ural State Medical Academy, completing studies and graduating as a Medical Doctor in the specialty of Pediatrics in 2008. Dr. Korytnikov went on to specialize in Psychiatry at the Ural State Medical Academy. After graduation he worked at Ekaterinburg General Clinical City Hospital №40 as a Pathological Anatomist Assistant, where he worked until immigrating to Thailand in 2012.

While studying, Dr. Korytnikov worked and gained experience from many different jobs; as a Security officer in Government Ministry buildings, a political campaign manager, a commercial promoter and a funeral agent. In the field of medicine, Dr. Korytnikov worked in the Pathologoanatomy Department at Ekaterinburg General Clinical City Hospital №40.

After arriving in Thailand, Dr. Korytnikov worked as a Sales Manager for a tour agency from 2012 to 2016 where he was recognised as the company manager with the most effective communication of 2014. Also while working at the tour company he completed training in effective communication and first impressions”.

At the beginning of 2016 Dr. Korytnikov joined Bangkok Hospital Siriroj as an International Medical Coordinator, helping primarily Russian patients engage with the hospital and ensuring international clients receive a high standard of service.