Dr. Muradian is a Dentist and a Maxillofacial Surgeon with 2 medical degrees.

Dr. Muradian graduated from the State Medical College of Moscow Region, majoring in dentistry and continuing in his studies at the Yerevan State Medical University. He specialized in practical dentistry at the First Moscow State Medical University of Sechenov.

Dr. Muradian supplemented his studies at the Moscow Scientific Research Clinical Institute, where he graduated in Maxillo-Facial Surgery. He also studied in a prestigious Plastic Surgery Institute where he was certified in skin rejuvenation treatments such as administration of Botox, Dysport and Fillers, and many others. He has 7 years working experience as a medical doctor and dentist and has participated in several different International Medical Conferences. In addition to these credentials, he has also written over 20 articles published in Medical Scientific Journals.

Dr. Muradian came to Thailand in 2015 and joined the International Services department at Siriroj International Hospital in 2016 as an International Medical Coordinator. Among his current duties, his primary focus is to ensure a high level of customer support and provide translation for Russian patients.

Since his employment at Siriroj International Hospital, Dr. Muradian has received the “BDMS Values Award” and is the first Foreign Coordinator to obtain 4 exemplary customer testimonial letters during one month.

Dr. Muradian enjoys the arts, traveling and leading a healthy life. His hobbies include training at the gym and Thai boxing.