On behalf of Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute and Johnson, we cordially welcome you to the PPSI’s
Breast Augmentation Surgical Excellence Workshop 2017 in Partnership with Johnson & Johnson Thailand,
held in Phuket on November 10 -11, 2017.

Surgical Excellence was founded on the belief that the healthcare professionals and breast implant
industry have a responsibility to ensure the patient’s long-term sefety and satisfaction, and that this
may be achieved through objective, ethical and high quality professional education. This year’s edition
of Surgical Excellence will focus on reshaping an aesthetic breast in the challenging scenarios of breast
augmentation surgery. Additionally, we will address evolving issues surrounding breast implant and

We extend our sincere welcome to our course participant, and hope this year’s scientific program may
assist you in achiecing long lasting and satisfying results for you and your patients.

Yours sincerely
Dr.Sanguan Kunaporn

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, PPSI