Celebrating 5 years of plastic surgery procedures at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj’s Plastic Surgery Institute, PPSI.

Special prices on our top 5 procedures:

Breast Augmentation (1 night in the hospital included)
Mentor Round Implants 98,000 baht (regular price 115,000 baht)
Mentor Teardrop Implants – 127,000 baht (regular price 150,000 baht)

Breast Augmentation (1 night in the hospital included)
Motiva Silk Surface – 118,000 baht (regular price 139,000 baht)
Motiva Ergonomix- 135,000 baht (regular price 159,000 baht)

Blepharoplasty (under local anesthesia)
Upper or Lower eyelids – 24,000 baht (regular price 30,000 baht)
Upper and Lower Eyelids – 40,000 baht (regular price 50,000 baht)

Abdominoplasty (5 nights in the hospital included)
Standard Tummy Tuck – 128,000 baht (regular price 160,000 baht)

Liposuction (2 nights in the hospital included)
Lipo of First Area – 72,000 baht (regular price 90,000 baht)
Lipo of Second Area and each Next Area – 36,000 baht / each (regular price 45,000 baht)

*** Terms and Conditions ***
– This offer is valid from now to 18/07/2020;
– The prices are for locals and residential expats;
– Prices included examinations (blood test, electrocardiography, chest x-ray), operating costs, hospital stay (for procedures performed under general anaesthesia), surgical and anaesthetic costs, home medications, follow-up visits;
– A negative COVID-19 test is required before your surgery;
– The cost of the COVID-19 test is approximately THB 5,900;
– The COVID-19 test is included in all procedures of THB 100,000 or more;
– A consultation fee will be charged if you decide not to have surgery;
– Service hours: 8:00-17:00

Contact our Coordinator team for more information: