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Friend Zone Clinic

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Bangkok Hospital Siriroj’s Friend Zone Clinic gives the Phuket Community a safe and friendly clinic to consult with specialists regarding their sexual health concerns.

Patients can be assured that the hospital and clinical staff follow international standards of patient confidentiality, diagnostics and treatments.
Bangkok Hospital Siriroj and Friend Zone is a LGBT friendly facility.

Services include:

1. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) screening and checkup
2. Health promotion and disease prevention
3. Consultations for LGBT
4. Consultation after ‘condom slip’ or ‘broken condom’ and Emergency PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis)
4. Diagnosis of specific Sexual Transmitted Diseases, including HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea
5. Immunization for Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Facilities and Location

The Center is located inside the Internal Medicine Clinic on floor 3 of building 5

Service Hours

Daily, From 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Emergency appointments available

Contact Us

Tel: 076-361-888

Email: [email protected]

Treatments and Services

Please click on the groups provided below to learn more about the treatments and services that we offer at Siriroj International Hospital.

Treatments and Services

    Comprehensive range of tests and screenings for STD’s, including:

    • HIV Antibody
    • VDRL (Syphilis)
    • HBs-Ag (Hepatitis B Antigen)
    • HBs-Ab (Hepatitis B Surface Antibody)
    • Anti-HCV (Hepatitis C Antibody)
    • Urine PCR STI (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea)
    • Emergency PEP (Post-exposure Prophylaxis within 72 hours)


How to maintain sexual health

As September 4 is the World Sexual Health Day, we'd like to use this excellent opportunity to discuss sexual health issues with our internal medicine doctor who is specialized in infectious disease - Dr. Surachat, at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. "Having been taking care of people who have concerns about sexually transmitted infections for many years, I realized that there is a lack of clear and comprehensive information about it. This makes people feel uncomfortable and even anxious once they get the disease. Moreover, some people feel ashamed to have a conversation with a doctor about their sexual lifestyle.  Please remember that...
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