Mrs. Angela Wanitchanon, shared her experience after having facial care by Dr. Passaratep Anurnkpaiboon , M.D., D.Sc., specialist in skin care from Boston, USA, with Helios and V-Beam technology (a laser technology that is developed to increase treatment efficiency of scars, freckles and melasma.) from Phuket International Dermatology Institute (PDI), Bangkok Hospital Siriroj.

Mrs. Angela Wanitchanon had melasma on her face for 5 years. She tried to use a lot of cream by different brands and put Make-up on and they still didn’t go away, made she didn’t feel confident among the people. Her friends recommended her to be here because the treatments is good and the doctor is friendly and professional. Let’s watch and get the answer how Dr.Pat heals her skin problem from this VDO.





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