Eye Center

Siriroj International Hospital’s Eye Center provides high-quality diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages with eye-related illnesses. Whether it be the treatment of current or long lasting eye conditions, or a simple check up to remain up to date on your eye health, our team of specialists are well-equipped to handle any and all situations. 


Treatments and Services

The treatment and services offered by the Eye Center includes:

  • Treatment for conjunctivitis
  • Treatment for ordcolum and chalazion/stye
  • Treatment for cataracts      
  • Treatment for pterygium and pinguecula
  • Eye check up
  • Comprehensive vision testing
  • Fitting for contact lenses and eyeglasses


Building 3, 4th Floor.

Service Hours

Daily. From 09:00 AM – 17:00. PM

Contact Us

Tel: 076-361-888 ext. 3418, 3419

Fax: 076 210 936

Email: info@phuketinternationalhospital.com