Mads Ritter Hansen

Scandinavian Coordinator
Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English

Born and raised in Denmark, Mads worked in a cognitive development institution for young people with psychiatric disorders and mental illnesses before relocating to Thailand. This challenging position helped Mads to develop the deep understanding and empathetic skills required to meet the specific needs of such individuals.

Mads speaks Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English, and is on hand to assist our Scandinavian and other international patients to coordinate your health related and non-clinical needs.

Nattiya Rangkla

Chinese Coordinator
Languages: Chinese, Thai, English

Nattiya is a Thai citizen who was born in Phuket, Thailand. She is currently working at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj as a Chinese Coordinator. Her priority is providing the highest quality of service to every patient who walks into the hospital. Keeping patients satisfied is her main goal. She believes that by working hard, she can bring her patients happiness and make a difference in their lives.

Wei Hsu Chun (Jenny Wei)

Senior Asian Team Coordinator

Languages: Chinese, Korean, Thai, English

Jenny Wei and her team assists patients during their visit at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. Her job includes providing translation and information in Chinese, English, Korean for patients while they receive service from the hospital. She is also on hand to help patients connect with the embassy and help prepare any hospital-related documents.

Dr. Ivan Korytnikov

Russian Coordinator

Languages: Russian, English

Dr. Ivan Korytnikov, originally from Ekaterinburg, Russia graduated as an Assistant Physician from Alapaevsk City Medical College in 2002. After graduation he furthered his education at the Ural State Medical Academy, completing studies and graduating as a Medical Doctor in the specialty of Pediatrics in 2008.
At the beginning of 2016 Dr. Korytnikov joined Bangkok Hospital Siriroj as an International Medical Coordinator, helping primarily Russian patients engage with the hospital and ensuring international clients receive a high standard of service.

Ekaterina Aptreeva

Russian Coordinator

Languages: Russian, English

Born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia, Ekaterina graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

After moving to Phuket in 2014, Ekaterina immediately joined the International Services team at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj as a Russian Coordinator. Currently, her main duties are to help ensure effective communication between Russian-speaking patients and hospital staff, coordinating workflow between patients, the hospital and insurance assistance companies located all over the world and representative of the hospital to Russian expat community in Phuket and surrounding areas.

James Cawood

Head of International Services Department

Languages: English, Thai

Originally from Yorkshire in England, James came to Thailand in 2003 after graduating from Newcastle University. Upon arriving in Phuket, James taught English at several local schools and private businesses with international clientele.

In 2007, James joined the International Services department at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj, helping to provide an interface between foreign English speaking patients and hospital officers.

Assisting foreign tourists and expat residents, James has helped thousands of patients who have passed through the doors of Bangkok Hospital Siriroj. A critical role during his time at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj has been to assist the hospital in gaining world renowned hospital accreditation from the Joint Commission International in the US. This has opened many new avenues for the hospital, and James’ responsibilities now include coordinating with foreign Insurance Companies, foreign Embassies, Production Crews filming Hollywood Blockbusters, Military Officers from visiting foreign vessels and many other foreign companies seeking to collaborate or gain assistance from the hospital.