Bangkok Hospital Siriroj has recognized and prioritized the impotence of our registered nurses who work tirelessly to provide the best possible care to the patients and their relatives by providing medical treatment with tenderness and embrace as well as enlightening professionally the palliative care and nursing to those who are needed.

Therefore, Bangkok Hospital Siriroj participated in the project funded by DAISY Foundation which was created by Barnes’s in 1999 to commemorate J.Patrick Barnes who suffered from Thrombocytopenia. During 8 weeks of hospitalization, Patrick experienced the best in nursing care as if he is one of the caregiver’s family members. Moreover, he felt the effortlessly dedication and kindness from the nurses, which turned to Patrick and his family’s unforgettable appreciation until his last breath.

To honor our nurses who provide the best experiences in medical care to you and your family. And to show your appreciation, you can participate in the DAISY Award program by nominating the nurse’s name provided you the best experience in medical care