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Full-service pediatric care

The Children’s Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is fully equipped to provide pediatric patients with disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our pediatricians are experienced in caring for and treating both acute and chronic conditions in children under the age of fifteen. The center offers infant immunization as well as specialty treatments in the neurological and psychological areas of medicine.

Our clinic has continued to develop alongside the city of Phuket. We are proud to be the go-to hospital for parents seeking the best care and treatment for their children. Our team of specialists and nurses are committed to affirming this trust with dedicated care and treatment.

Treatments and Services

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Treatments and Services

    • Dedicated outpatient examination rooms
    • Minor treatment rooms
    • Newborn nursery
    • Play area
    • Special care nursery

Featured Treatments


When Your Child Has Cow’s Milk Allergy

Many children start displaying symptoms of allergies to cow’s milk  during the first year of life. It is a condition that is hereditary; if a parent suffers from this allergy, there is a greater chance that the child will also. Most children with cow’s milk allergy usually display symptoms from the first year of life until the second. Families with a history of allergy should keep a close eye on their children who might develop this allergy. Symptoms of Cow’s Milk Allergy Symptoms vary for every child. Some children start displaying symptoms within the hour after consuming milk, while others...
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Healthy Snacks for Kids

When small children get hungry, tempers tend to flare up. Since most children prefer to eat small snacks throughout the day, it’s crucial to have healthy, nutritional options available to help them focus in school and to ward off afternoon tantrums. Here are some easy, tasty snacks packed with vitamins, protein and fibre from the doctors at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj Children’s Clinic.   Chopped rose apples. Juicy, crunchy and sweet, these make for an especially delicious, portable alternative to Western apples. They’re especially good for snacking without leading to messy fingers.   Grilled Thai bananas. If you’ve walked through a...
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Tips for Choosing Safe and Age Appropriate Toys

Playtime is an important part of a child’s development and every new parent wants to make sure that their little one has all sorts of toys. Not all games, dolls and puzzles are created equally, however. Bangkok Hospital Siriroj’s Children’s Clinic shared these insights on how to pick the right ones for your child. 1. Keep smartphones, tablets and laptops away from very small children or severely limit usage. Human beings of all ages are naturally transfixed by the constant stream of stimulation that appears on a screen. We’re still learning about the damaging effects that this may have on...
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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Being a parent comes with all sorts of challenges. The most important one of all is making sure that your children stay in excellent health in order to realize their full potential. Here are some tips from the doctors at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj Children’s Clinic about how to raise happy, healthy kids.   1. Limit screen time. While we’re still studying the ways in which constant stimulation from smartphones wreaks havoc on even adult brains, we already know that it can fundamentally alter the developmental process of children. Babies and toddlers learn to think critically and engage with the world...
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Fevers, Coughs and Falls: When Should I Bring my Baby to the Hospital?

When you’re the parent of a newborn baby or a small child, every situation can feel like a full-blown medical crisis. While it’s totally normal to want to protect your very small and fragile new family member, it’s important to be able to distinguish between a minor issue and a cause for alarm. Here’s when to seek help from the doctors at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj Children’s Clinic. Your child cannot stop vomiting. This can be caused by a number of factors. If left unchecked, it can lead to severe dehydration. If your child has vomited repeatedly and is having difficulty...
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Preparing Kids for an Overnight Hospital Stay

No one likes to spend the night in the hospital, especially not a small child, but sometimes it is essential. Whether your child has undergone a major surgical procedure, has undergone a serious allergic reaction, is recovering from severe dehydration or injury, or needs to be kept under close medical supervision for any other reason, this is often an emotionally trying time for the family. Here are some ways you can help make their experience as comfortable as possible from the doctors at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj Children’s Clinic. Explain to them what is going to happen in simple terms that...
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Tips for Infants

Welcoming a new arrival into the family is an exciting task. Here are some simple things to remember from the doctors at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj Children’s Clinic to make sure your baby stays happy and healthy.   1. Make sure that your infant has all of the essential vaccines. In this day and age, there is simply no excuse for not vaccinating your children. Many serious childhood illnesses, including diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio, hepatitis B, Hib, and measles can all be prevented by vaccines. Because infants are so vulnerable and have weaker immune systems than adults, some of...
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