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Phuket International Dental Center is one of the oldest and most reliable dental practices in Phuket, offering all dental specialties in one center. We have been serving Phuket’s international community since 1985.

We successfully combine the latest innovations in dental technology with a highly educated, professional team of 15 dentists, each qualified in their own specialty, to offer you the most innovative and creative treatments available.

At Phuket International Dental Center we offer time-proven, trusted results with high standards of excellence. We have fully-equipped modern clinics that represent the highest standards of technology in Phuket. We always keep up to date with developments in dentistry and use the latest innovations in dental technology, including sophisticated computer equipment. For example, our digital panoramic X-ray equipment will give you a full image with 90% less radiation.

Phuket International Dental Center is a specialized dental health provider with an executive structure similar to that of a dental hospital and a holistic approach to treatment in all areas of dental work.


Phuket International Dental Center is located at 4th floor, Main Building.

Service Hours

Daily. From Monday to Sunday, 08.00 AM – 05.00 PM

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Phone : 076 -361 -888 ext. 3424 , 3425

Email: [email protected]

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Treatments and Services

Please click on the groups provided below to learn more about the treatments and services that we offer at Siriroj International Hospital.

Cosmetic dentistry

    • Teeth whitening
    • Veneer
    • Crown lengthening
    • Deep cleaning
    • Dental bridges
    • Dental dentures
    • Dental crown
    • Dental implant
    • Root canal treatment
    • Post and Core

General Dentistry

    • Check up
    • Cleaning and scaling
    • Inlay and Onlay
    • Filling
    • Tooth extraction
    • Polishing
    • X-ray
    • Alveoplasty
    • Debridement
    • Enucleation
    • Excision
    • Frenectomy
    • Incisional biopsy
    • Marsupialization
    • Operculectomy
    • Tooth eruption
    • Surgical uprighting
    • Fluoride
    • Pediatric extraction
    • Pediatric filling
    • Sealant
    • Space maintainer
    • Bone graft
    • Sinus lift
    • Root amputation

Orthodontic Dentistry

    • Braces
    • Lingual
    • Damon
    • Invisalign


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