Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

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ICU. Expert Medical Care with Compassion.

Siriroj’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) caters to patients who have severe illness or an injury that requires close monitoring. Some of our patients might have been transferred directly to the ICU and may face life-threatening conditions or multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Our ICU unit is ready to support patients in critical condition and help them recover back to health.

Our ICU team stands by you with kindness and understanding. Our facilities are the highest international standard and our doctors have vast experience caring for patients in critical condition. Our team of experts have both specialized medical knowledge and a warm sense of compassion.

About our ICU Unit

  • We have highly trained doctors and nurses on standby 24 hours per day for emergency treatment.
  • Pharmacists work closely with doctors to find the most effective medications to treat our patients
  • Physical Therapists evaluate patients’ conditions and treatment
  • Nutritionists craft suitable food plans

Along with experienced staff, comfortable accommodations, and high-tech equipment, we also provide personal guest rooms for relatives who want to stay at the hospital to be near their loved ones, and to be on-call to consult with the medical team.

Treatments and Services

Please click on the groups provided below to learn more about the treatments and services that we offer at Siriroj International Hospital.

Specialized in Treatments

    • Taking care of patients of all ages who are suffering from severe internal illnesses
    • Taking care of patients who are recovering from surgery or and OB-GYN procedures
    • Taking care of patients with nervous-system diseases
    • Taking care of  patients with severe chest and respiratory system issues
    • Taking extra care of patients who are bedridden or suffering from hemiparesis

Intensive Care and Services

    Intensive Care and Services

    • Patients will be treated by a multidisciplinary team, which may include doctors, nurses, dieticians and physical therapists, to provide holistic support and prevent further complications
    • Medical equipment, devices and technology are at the cutting edge of industry advances
    • There are 10 units for intensive care patients and 1 unit for people suffering from decompression illness and to prevent the spread of respiratory disease
    • Rooms are well-designed, spacious and comfortable, with bathrooms designed to accommodate patients who have limited mobility
    • Ongoing support and education is offered to the patient and their relatives, so the patient’s support group is prepared to help care for them at home