Rehabilitation Clinic

Rehabilitation Clinic

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Physical therapy to maximize the quality of life

Physical therapy is necessary for the development and maintenance of maximum body movement and functionality for those suffering from disease, disorder, injury, environmental factors or are of an advanced age.

Physical therapy focuses on identifying and maximising quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social well being. Physical therapy involves the interaction between the physical therapist, patients/clients, other health professionals, families, care givers and communities in a process assessing movement potential and goal completion.

Physiotherapists have following responsibilities 

  • Promoting the health and well-being of individuals and the general public/society 
  • Emphasizing the importance of physical activity and exercise 
  • Preventing impairments, activity limitations, participatory restrictions and disabilities in individuals at risk of altered movement behaviors due to health factors, socio-economic stressors, environmental factors and lifestyle factors 
  • Providing interventions/treatment to restore integrity of body systems essential to movement
  • Maximize function and recuperation, minimize incapacity and enhance the quality of life, independent living and workability in individuals and groups of individuals with altered movement behaviors resulting from impairments, activity limitations, participatory restrictions and disabilities 
  • Modifying environmental, home and work access and barriers to ensure full participation in one’s normal and expected societal roles 


Rehabilitation & Alternative Center

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Treatments and Services

Please click on the groups provided below to learn more about the treatments and services that we offer at Siriroj International Hospital.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation 

    • Neck and back pain 
    • Shoulder pain 
    • Knee pain 
    • Sciatica pain 
    • Herniated disc 
    • Cervical and lumbar spondylosis 
    • Ankle and wrist sprain 
    • Myofascial pain syndrome 
    • Post operative bone fracture 
    • Post operative arthoplasty 

Neurologic rehabilitation 


    • Stroke
    • Facial and bell palsy
    • Peripheral nerve injury
    • Parkinson and multiple sclerosis
    • Brain and spinal cord injury
    • Bed ridden in aging

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation 

    • COPD
    • Pneumonia
    • Ribs fracture
    • Post operative Cardio-thoracic surgery
    • Post operative Haemo-pneumothorax with ICD
    • Post operative explore laparotomy
    • Intensive care unit patient
    • Upper respiratory infection in children
    • Electrodiagnosis ( EMG )

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