10 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

10 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

Despite incredible advances in medical technology, going in for surgery can still be unsettling and it is important to prepare yourself by asking the right questions in advance. The highly trained physicians at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj  Minimally Invasive Surgery centre are there to help answer them.




1. What anesthesia options do I have?

Thanks to significant advancements in the field of minimally invasive surgery, not every procedure requires general anesthesia.


2. What preparations do I need to take beforehand?

Your doctor will most likely ask you to refrain from eating or drinking the night before the surgery. Be sure to ask for detailed instructions and to follow them exactly.


3. What kind of antibiotics or pain medication will I need afterwards?

Although it’s important not to overdo it on painkillers, you do want to make sure to have an adequate supply for your operation and recovery period.


4. What can I do to ensure a speedy recovery?

What happens in the days following your surgery can be almost as important as the procedure itself. It is critical to follow all of your doctor’s instructions precisely.


5. What are some of the possible complications?

Every surgical procedure, no matter how big or small, has possible complications. You need to know what they are in advance in order to gauge whether the procedure is worth the risk and to be able to watch out for warning signs.


6. How long should I expect my recovery time to be?

Recovery times can vary immensely depending on the exact nature of your procedure. Establish in advance how much time you’ll need to take off work in order to rest adequately.


7. What is your experience with this operation?

No matter what, you want an experienced surgeon performing the operation. Always ask about your specific doctor’s history and if you do not feel comfortable, request to seek out someone with additional experience.


8. How necessary is this operation?

While some surgeries are essential, others could potentially be avoided through use of alternative treatments. Ask in order to weigh the pros and cons of having the operation and make an informed decision.


9. Are there other medications I should avoid before or after the operation?

Some common antibiotics can react negatively with general anesthesia or produce unwanted side effects.


There are also other kinds of medication to avoid before operation especially those that can prolong blood clotting process or blood thinner medication.


10. Will I need someone to take care of me during my recovery?

Sometimes you need to ask for help and after surgery is definitely one of those times. Especially if you need a longer period of bedrest, it’s important to sort out logistics like meals and a caretaker in advance.