Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: How to Get What You Want

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: How to Get What You Want

Though cosmetic surgery may be safer and more common than ever, it is still a big decision. Being properly prepared can help ensure a positive result.

Do your homework

There are a lot of widespread misconceptions about cosmetic surgery. Before you see a doctor, it pays to do a little bit of preliminary online research in order to learn the pros and cons of each procedure you intend to have performed.

Have a clear idea of what you are looking for

Many people seeking cosmetic surgery want to look better, but only have a vague idea of what that might entail. Think seriously about which physical features you would like to specifically target. If you’re not sure, many cosmetic surgeons can offer a consultation with suggestions.

Shop around

Different cosmetic surgeons in any hospital will have different strengths and specialties. Make sure to find a physician with a track record and area of expertise that suits your needs. Also, you should feel comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon and have a sense that they understand what you want. If you don’t feel a connection with your doctor, keep looking.

Stick to realistic expectations

When done correctly, cosmetic surgery is often relatively subtle and produces natural-looking results. You may come out with a flatter stomach, a more pronounced eyelid, or a daintier nose, but it is important to remember that one procedure will not change your whole appearance.

Consider minimally invasive procedures

Fillers, botox, and other minimally invasive procedures require very little recovery time and can often be alternatives to more complicated surgeries. Be sure to ask your doctor about your options.

Avoid trying to do too much at once

A full-blown makeover might seem tempting, but undergoing too many surgical procedures at once can cause your body unnecessary stress and lead to longer recovery times. If you’re thinking about a major procedure such as a tummy tuck, it’s better to stick to one at a time.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

This is your body and you’ll have to live with the results of any cosmetic surgery for a long time. It is important to be assertive and state any concerns you might have upfront. Honest communication will help your doctor give you the results you want.

Listen to your doctor

No matter how much research you do on your own, remember that a trained cosmetic surgeon has years of knowledge and experience specific to this field. Pay attention to their advice, especially regarding recovery times and steps.

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