Breast Augmentation: Which Size Is Right for You?

Breast Augmentation: Which Size Is Right for You?

Breast Augmentation: Which Size Is Right for You?

Advances in cosmetic surgery have resulted in less scarring and faster recovery time for many procedures. If there’s some element of your body that has always caused you discomfort or made you feel insecure, a low-risk medical procedure can make a world of difference. Many women long for a curvier silhouette, making breast augmentation especially popular around the globe. Yet female bodies vary enormously and not every pair of implants is right for every woman. While it may be tempting to go as voluptuous as possible, choosing the wrong size can lead to discomfort and complications down the road. Here are a few things to take into account when deciding which size is right for you.

Do you like being the centre of attention?

Remember that the people around you may perceive you differently after surgery and that it’s important to gauge what look is best for you and your lifestyle. You might initially be inclined to go for the DDs that look great on that Hollywood actress, but breast implants that are disproportionate for your body may be difficult to pull off in certain professional settings. Your doctor should measure your rib cage, shoulder width and other parts of your body in order to determine which implants will work best to meet your expectations.

How often do you exercise?

While having a physically active lifestyle should not deter you from getting breast implants, you may want to think twice before going up too many cup sizes. Bear in mind the fact that you’ll be adding a considerable amount of weight to your torso, which may make some of your favourite sports difficult. A highly supportive sports bra can minimise the discomfort, but cannot negate the fact that very large implants will make certain activities cumbersome or even impossible. In addition, vigorous movement with larger implants can lead to tearing, sagging, and irreparable damage over time.

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Go for a test run before committing to a size

You wouldn’t buy a dress or a pair of shoes without trying it on first, right? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to try on implants before you buy them, but you can try a simple approximation. Fill two small plastic bags or an old pair of pantyhose tied into knots at the end with rice up to your desired size and place them in your bra. See how it feels to walk around with them wearing different outfits and in different settings.

Try 3D simulation software

At Bangkok Hospital Siriroj in Phuket, you can use 3D simulation software to see how you will look with various implants. Take a picture of your breasts and the software will generate a predictive picture of your exact body with every variety of shape and size so you have a clear idea of the outcome of each option.