Five Common Nose-Shape Concerns That Surgery Can Solve

Five Common Nose-Shape Concerns That Surgery Can Solve

The size and shape of your nose can have a dramatic impact on your overall appearance and how people perceive you. As a result, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular places for a cosmetic surgical procedure. Here are a few of the conditions the team at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute can correct.


1. Wide or overly conspicuous nostrils.

Large or oddly shaped nostrils can make many patients feel self-conscious. These can be changed, but are one of the more difficult surgical procedures in this region. In order to alter the shape the nostrils, the entire nose must be restructured and a surgeon must be very careful not to limit airflow.


2. Broken nose.

Although some patients are simply unhappy with the nose they were born with, a great many come in to fix the results of a particular accident. When a nose is broken, the internal structure of bones and cartilage is often shattered. Even after it heals, the overall shape may be permanently damaged and the results can be less than attractive. While corrective rhinoplasty cannot always restore a broken nose to its former shape, the results are often very positive.


3. Deviated septum.

A deviated septum simply refers to a piece of cartilage that runs the length of the nose and is in the wrong place. Oftentimes, this occurs as a result of a broken nose, however, certain individuals may develop it on their own. A deviated septum can make it challenging to breathe, especially during sports or other strenuous physical activity. It can be easily fixed with rhinoplasty.


4. Prominent nasal bump or “beaky” nose.

This is one of the more popular reasons for patients to undergo rhinoplasty. A bump on the nose can be corrected by removing excess cartilage. As with any surgery, communication is key to success. Before undergoing this procedure, it is very important to to specify exactly what nose shape you are hoping to achieve.


5. Bulbous nose tip.

There are several ways to fix a bump of cartilage at the tip of the nose. Usually, surgeons are able to approach the problem from within, which leads to virtually no scarring. It may take a while after surgery for the skin around the tip of the nose to adjust to the new shape.