5 Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Look Out For

5 Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Look Out For

As with any medical field, cosmetic surgery has not remained stagnant over the years. Incredible technology advances are being made all the time and the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is often one of the first places in Thailand to implement them. Here are just a few surgical trends on the rise to keep an eye out for in the coming year.

1. More men are getting cosmetic surgery.

An increasing number of men are getting plastic surgery treatment to boost their confidence and this is becoming more widely accepted. 

2. Minimally invasive treatments are on the rise.

Cosmetic surgery used to entail weeks of painful recovery. Now, thanks to the rise of minimally invasive procedures like injectable fillers and botox, many enhancements take minutes to complete and require virtually no recovery time. You can plump up your lips, subtly boost your cheekbones, or erase stubborn wrinkles and fine lines during your lunch break, then go back to work. 

3. Patients are opting for subtle procedures rather than big, sudden changes.

In the past, cosmetic surgery often involved large, abrupt changes like a tummy tuck or a new set of DDs. Now, patients frequently elect instead for tiny tweaks over a longer period to time. Not only does this keep recovery time to a bare minimum, but it also ensures a natural-looking, smooth evolution. If done correctly, your friends and family may barely notice that you’ve had work done. 

4. Preventive treatments are becoming big. 

Again, thanks in part to improved minimally invasive technology, many patients are starting younger. Rather than weight until wrinkles and excess weight to appear, people are taking matters into their own hands. Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly common in patients in their twenties and thirties. 

5. The cosmetic surgery vacation is a clear winner. 

If you are planning to fly to Thailand to undergo a couple of procedures, why not make a holiday of it? That’s the logic that many patients are following. Since cosmetic surgery tends to be significantly more affordable outside of Western countries, it’s easy to justify spending some of the savings on a relaxing week by the beach.