Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

When preparing for surgery, it is important for a patient to be well-informed. When it comes to cosmetic surgery in particular, research and preparation are key to getting the results you hope for and emerging healthy and happy.

Medical tourism is a great option for many patients who live in the United States, Australia, New Zealand  and Europe where healthcare and elective surgeries can be quite costly. Bangkok Hospital Siriroj in Phuket combines high-tech facilities and expert doctors with a stunning tropical destination, at an affordable price. After your procedure you can recover and relax on the powder-white shores of one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. A low-stress environment can encourage healing and speedy recovery. But the priority of our Institute is the patient’s safety.

While there are many benefits to medical tourism, planning a trip adds another layer of logistics. To ensure a positive outcome, the following checklist can help you achieve your goals for the surgery:

  • Discuss with your doctor what you expect from your surgery and bring some visual examples what you would like to achieve. At Bangkok Hospital Siriroj, the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute is equipped with cutting-edge 3D simulation software that allows patients to scan their bodies see a real-life projection of the various options and outcomes
  • Prepare a written list of questions to review together with your doctor
  • Have you been fully informed of the potential risks associated with your surgery
  • Ask your doctor to guide you through every possible outcome and the best ways to minimize risks and achieve your goals
  • Have you been given all your pre-and-post treatment instructions? Listen closely to your doctor’s advice regarding lifestyle changes you should make both before and after your surgery so your body is in the ideal condition for a successful procedure. This may include instructions like following a specific diet, quitting smoking and/or reducing your consumption of alcohol.

Preparing for a trip overseas

If you’re traveling to Phuket for surgery, make sure you are ready with the necessary visas, an up-to-date passport, tickets for your flight, accommodation booked and confirmed, and any travel or health insurance that relates to your situation. Also pack light, loose clothing that is conducive to the warm climate so you’ll be comfortable during recovery.

The timing and length of your trip

Have you considered your schedule to ensure you have adequate time to recover in Phuket or other parts of Thailand according to the recommendation of PPSI for each procedure afterward? Make sure you’ve taken a lengthy amount of time off work and any other commitments that might have you doing too much too soon. Cosmetic surgery is a big life decision and allowing yourself downtime you have afterward will help you recover properly, while you relax somewhere beautiful and enjoy yourself.


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