Acute Respiratory Infection Clinic (ARI)

Acute Respiratory Infection Clinic (ARI)

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Screening for respiratory illnesses and COVID-19 Tests 

Bangkok Hospital Siriroj has set up a new ARI Clinic during the COVID-19 (new Coronavirus) pandemic for the following clients:

  • People who need a Medical Certificate
  • People with symptoms of respiratory infection
  • People with history of travel to a high-risk country or physical contact with a COVID-19 patient


COVID-19: Know the facts

As many countries are imposing strict restrictions to slow the spread of Coronavirus, you may be wondering what you can do to keep yourself and your family from getting infected. Separate facts from fiction, and know your Do's and DONT's:   For COVID-19 test, please click here.
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Q & A on COVID-19, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many mom-to-be women surely have lots of questions and concerns regarding the safety of their baby and themselves during the pandemic of COVID-19. Here, Bangkok Hospital Siriroj prepares for you the answers to the most common and crucial questions you need to know for your safe pregnancy and breast feeding.   Q1: What effect does coronavirus have on pregnant women? Answer: Generally, pregnant women do not appear to be more likely to be seriously unwell than other healthy adults if they develop the new coronavirus. It is expected the large majority of pregnant women will experience only mild or moderate cold/flu like...
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