While most women grow up learning how to take care of their skin, men often do not receive the same guidance. These simple tips from the doctors at the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj can help men safeguard their skin against the effects of aging. 

Moisturise every day.

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is essential to maintaining a youthful appearance. Apply moisturiser daily in the morning and evening. Some brands are marketed to men, but any high-quality moisturiser should do the trick. Always be sure to cleanse your face before applying.

Use products at the correct time and in the correct order.

Serums, toners, creams—with so many products to keep track of, skin care can sometimes feel confusing. If you follow a few simple rules, however, you should be in good shape. Products containing vitamin C will break down in sunlight, while those containing retinol (vitamin A) will actually increase sensitivity to sunlight during the day and accelerate the ageing process. If you’re using products labeled “nighttime” or that contain either of these, use them at the appropriate time. Also, generally the thicker the skin care product, the later in your routine it belongs. So apply toners first to cleanse, followed by serums, and finish with moisturising creams to maximise absorption.

Remember that men can get facials too.

Women aren’t the only ones who deserve a little pampering from time to time. A number of spas cater specifically to men looking to show their skin some extra TLC.


Take extra care of the area around your beard.

Shaving and stubble can dry out and irritate the skin around your beard area. Take extra care of this sensitive region and use beard oil to keep the hairs from drying out your skin further.

Wear sunscreen.

You might think that a tan makes you look rugged and handsome, but it’s also going to prematurely age your face and increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Wear SPF 30 sunscreen daily to protect yourself.

Stay hydrated.

Drinking ample amounts of water is imperative in order to making sure your skin stays elastic and supple. Especially if you regularly engage in sports, make sure to drink water throughout the day.

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