Having a loved one in the Bangkok Hospital Siriroj Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be emotionally draining. Remember that they are receiving excellent care from highly trained professionals and try to bear the following in mind.

It’s important to be respectful of other patients and family members in the waiting area.

Waiting in the ICU can be incredibly stressful and it is only natural to worry about your loved one’s condition. However, as difficult as your situation may be, try to remember that the majority of the other people in the waiting room are experiencing similar levels of anxiety. Try to be respectful of their situations by refraining from loud conversations and taking any phone calls outside. It is also important to refrain from smoking or wearing excessively strong perfumes that might irritate other families.

Bring a book or some other material to keep yourself occupied.

Regardless of which medical condition your loved one has, they will probably need to be kept under close observation for considerable time. There is only so much energy that you can expend worrying, which is why it may be helpful to bring some form of distraction, be it a book or a magazine or a podcast, to take your mind off things.

Remember that this may take a while and try to be as patient as possible with the doctors and medical staff.

No news is not necessarily bad news. Almost any visit to the ICU will involve a considerable amount of wait time. Rest assured that the highly trained professionals are doing everything that they can and that you will be notified when there are any substantive updates.


Be sure to wash your hands and avoid anything that might risk spreading bacteria to anyone else in the waiting room.

Many patients in the ICU have compromised immune systems and may be at an increased risk of infection. In order to keep other patients safe, wash your hands and practice excellent hygiene to minimise the spread of bacteria.

Bring snacks for small children.

Little ones may get anxious and hungry as time goes on. Pack plenty of snacks to sustain them through the waiting process.

Ask before bringing flowers or items such as balloons.

While flowers and balloons may seem like a heartfelt way to wish someone a speedy recovery, they are not always welcome. Some patients may have allergies to certain types of plants or latex, which is why hospitals have varying regulations on these. When in doubt, ask a doctor what would be appropriate.

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