Travel Tips For Kidney Patients

Travel Tips For Kidney Patients

Traveling when you have to manage kidney disease presents challenges. However, there are plenty of ways you can satisfy your wanderlust and still keep on top of your treatment plan. Safety is the most important thing, so make sure you’ve gotten approval to travel from your doctor or physician. Once you have the go-ahead, here are our top tips to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.


Know where your nearest Dialysis Center is

If your treatment plan includes in-center dialysis, then before you head off on your holiday it’s important to make sure you’ve made the appropriate arrangements with the closest dialysis center. The majority of centers will do everything they can to accommodate patients from overseas, even in the event of emergency travel needs. At the Hemodialysis Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj in Phuket, you’ll find a team of dedicated professionals who cater to each patient with complete confidence and care, going so far as to include airport pick-up and access to 24-hour medical assistance.

Eat kidney-friendly food

As any kidney patient knows, what you eat and drink is imperative in maintaining good health. Even though you may be traveling to areas where the local food makes your mouth water, it’s important to keep in mind that sticking to a kidney-friendly diet is the safest approach. Maintaining a diet of fresh or frozen vegetables, seasonal fruit, beef and chicken, white rice and other low-sodium foods will ensure you’re protecting your kidneys from further damage, and getting the right balance of protein, calories, vitamins and minerals at the same time.

Bring your health history

Make sure you bring the correct information with you when you travel. This includes your dialysis records, which can also be sent or faxed across ahead of your arrival, your health insurance details, any recent lab test results, and a list of the current medications you’re taking. It’s important to keep your holiday treatment center up-to-date with your circumstances and medical history for you to receive the best possible care.

Have your travel insurance in place

Make sure you’ve got the appropriate travel insurance in place before you head off on your holiday. The right travel insurance should cover any unexpected emergencies that occur while you’re overseas, and many insurance plans will cover dialysis patients. Finding the right level of coverage might take a bit of research, but it’ll provide all the necessary benefits to make your trip a pleasant one.

Traveling as a kidney patient might take a bit more research and prior planning, but once you’ve done your homework, you can relax and enjoy a tropical holiday. The team at the Hemodialysis Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is on standby to help you make the most of the many wonders Phuket has to offer.

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