BDMS Preventive Package

BDMS PREVENTIVE: Prevent and Know Your Body
With Heart and Cancer Risk Check Up

BDMS, recognized the importance of encouraging people to take care of their health and protect themselves before disease occurs via the concept of BDMS PREVENTIVE: taking care of those who are not sick, not to get sick. In particular, the focus is on heart disease and cancer, which are two of the leading causes of death of Thai people with the number of patients suffering from these conditions increasing every year.

In recognition of this, BDMS is proud to offer two main packages: BDMS Preventive Heart Package and BDMS Preventive Cancer Package, priced at 4,500 baht per package and available for purchase from February 26th to May 31st 2023. The products may be used until August 31 2023, at theWellness and Occupational Health Canter at 076-361-888 ext. 1278

These preventive packages are suitable for people aged 40 and over. They are aimed to examine the body’s pathology to provide preliminary information about appropriated care, treatment or prevention under the advice of a physician.

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